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PayPal handles all of our credit card transactions. PayPal and CCNOW acts as our authorized online retailer. Your credit card statement will list PayPal/CCNOW for all transactions. PayPal/CCNOW provides the highest quality secure servers for all your personal information. You are protected. Even Satogrowth.NET. will not have access to your credit card information!

PayPal/CCNOW accepts , Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Discover/Novus, and American Express cards. This includes cards that are derivatives of these such as Visa check cards and debit cards, MasterCard “MasterMoney” card, etc.


www.westernunion.com                                           https://secure.moneygram.com/send/receiverInfo

We offer a number of great options for those looking to join the Satogrowth family, from the most common credit card styled payments, to using Western Union and MoneyGram to get wire your money to us. If you’re looking to place your order internationally, just contact us to get nearest Western Union Receiver. Than just give the receiver informations to Western Union officer and pay fast and quickly and click here to send payment notify  please. This will get you the fastest possible order processing, and get it shipped immediately.

For Western Union or MoneyGram transfer you’ll need to contact us first.


How Quickly Can Western Union Get Me My Order?

These orders are confirmed within 12/24 hours, at which point the order will be processed once we have received confirmation of Payment. A list of Western Union Locations is available.